How Whiteboards Help Patient-Provider Communication

Keeping a patient and his or or her family informed of the treatment plan and important information is just as essential as his or her medical care. Because there are so many medications, tests, treatment plans, and therapies that can be prescribed, trying to keep up with everything is confusing and only adds more stress to the situation. However, when the doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals take the time to list important names, dates, medications, and treatments on a whiteboard located in the patient’s room, there is a sense of relaxation and organization that is brought into the situation. When you step into a hospital room and can instantly know your patient’s primary doctor’s name, the nurse on duty, the medications or treatments that have been prescribed, and any and all procedures, therapies, or surgeries scheduled at a glance. Your time isn’t spent tracking down a doctor to ask about the status of your patient or spending valuable moments reading over an entire patient’s chart. If you’re a healthcare professional and are searching for whiteboards for your patient rooms, check out Simple Snap Frame. We’re proud to offer custom snap frames and hospital room signs that have interchangeable whiteboard inserts that can be switched or changed as you need. With the trendy and stylish custom snap frames, Simple Snap Frame will take your hospital room signs to the next level. Shop now!

Investing in Relationships

The relationship that you have with your patient is important and can mean the difference between him or her being open and vulnerable with you or keeping vital information out of the conversation because he or she doesn’t trust you. Use the hospital room sign to introduce yourself and your staff and leave important information about yourself on it. You can explain your role in their treatment, leave your schedule, or even add your personal phone or pager number in case the family would like to contact you. Along with introducing yourself, you can detail the plan for his or her treatment and discuss goals and concerns. This is an excellent place for family members or even your patient to leave questions about the treatments or procedures that are ordered so the nurses, medical professionals, and other doctors can be advised of the concerns.


Why Whiteboards Are Important For Patients

Hospitals are extremely confusing for patients and their families. Instead of family members trying to get a busy nurse’s attention, they can simply look at the hospital whiteboard and know when the last time their loved one received treatment or underwent a procedure, when the next one is scheduled, the name of the nurse on duty, and the primary doctor’s name and hours. Writing this information down on the whiteboard will help the patient feel heard and cared for, and the family members will be able to add to any information that is required or needed for the patient’s care. The patient can even add information that is needed but he or she didn’t have or couldn’t remember.

Another way that the whiteboard can alleviate stress and worry for both the patient and his or her family and friends is that it will keep the treatment detailed, easily accessed, and everyone involved will be able to communicate using the same form. Patients will feel heard and the information will be accurate and if it happens to change, it can be quickly erased and edited. Because of the utility of a custom snap frame, it’s the perfect device to show your patients and staff that you care, want to be involved, and care about getting the right information. Make sure it’s part of your routine when you meet each and every patient, and make sure that you communicate that the whiteboard is available for the use of the patient as well. You can even choose to install a hospital room sign specifically for the patient’s use and place it close to the whiteboard that you use to outline treatments and medications.

Customize the Whiteboard

Simple Snap Frame is the perfect whiteboard option for hospital room signs because you can customize them to fit your needs and desires for the whiteboards. Our inserts are available in the size that you need with the boxes and forms that you require for optimum communication with your patients and staff. Along with the dry erase inserts, you can easily have different inserts customized to fit your growing or changing needs. Our snap frames are quality and available in multiple colors so they will perfectly compliment the hospital decor or room decorations.No matter what size frame you need, Simple Snap Frame is here to help. Contact us today to see how our custom inserts and displays can help your practice.

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