Five Reasons Why Custom Whiteboards Can Make a Difference in Your Hospital

Sometimes it’s easy to believe that you don’t need to use a whiteboard or that constantly updating the information on it can take too much time. While this can seem true at times, a whiteboard in a highly trafficked area or located in a patient’s room is a vital information location and can inform doctors, nurses, other medical professionals, and family members are a glance. If you’re searching for quality whiteboards for your hospital or medical office, check out Simple Snap Frame. We offer stylish and effective whiteboard solutions that can be customized to your specifications. Our inserts can be made to reflect your needs and desires, and if you need to change an insert, it can easily be created and switched out in a snap. For an attractive whiteboard for your hospital waiting or patient rooms, shop Simple Snap Frame today!

Work Schedule

A custom snap frame whiteboard placed in a nurse’s station or lounge is important for all employees to stay updated on work schedules, hours, and shifts. If someone is out due to sickness or personal issues, it can be noted on the board so that everyone is aware that changes need to be made. You can also add details about each nurse or employee and note the patients, procedures, and surgeries that everyone is responsible for and where they’re located in the hospital. Because hospitals are such busy and highly-trafficked spaces, it can get hectic quickly. Having a board that is updated regularly will help keep everyone organized and each floor or area working efficiently.


ER Patients

Emergency rooms are often scary and emotional areas, and keeping everyone who is working in the ER updated on patient progress and health issues can be overwhelming. Keep your doctors, nurses, and administrative employees apprised of everything by creating an insert for your custom snap frame whiteboard. You can also place whiteboards by each patient’s bed to keep nurses and doctors informed of the patient’s injuries or illness. This is an excellent wait to monitor the progress on each case and keep a tally of what needs to be completed and has been checked off on the patient’s treatment plan. A custom snap frame whiteboard will keep everything running smoothly so that there isn’t additional chaos in an already busy space.

On-Call Board

Especially essential for large hospitals that are constantly in motion, a large and detailed on-call board will allow your doctors, nurses, and other medical employees to be able to check if a certain doctor or surgeon is available for a consult or who else they can grab in case extra personnel are needed for a patient. You can create an insert to specify specialty, attendings, residents, or interns, along with listing nurses who are available and have special training. There can even be a space on the custom snap frame insert for a pager or personal cell number in case a certain doctor is required, as well as a designated area for any special notes or personal days off. This large board will be a lifesaver for intense nights when it seems like the hospital couldn’t get crazier.No matter what size frame you need, Simple Snap Frame is here to help. Contact us today to see how our custom inserts and displays can help your practice.

Surgery Schedule

This is a necessity for every hospital. Keep a detailed whiteboard on your surgery floor to detail patient, surgery date and time, surgeons, nurses, and all other relevant information. This will help your team stay on track and in case there is a sudden change made. Surgeons can also change the schedule if a surgery took longer than expected or was more involved. Keeping everyone on the surgical floor updated as revisions are made will ensure that miscommunications will be kept at a minimum. Surgeries are extremely important for the health and wellness of your patients, and it’s important for everyone involved to stay informed and on track.

Patient Bedside

Easily updated and vital to a patient’s health, nurses and doctors can list allergies, medications prescribed, treatment plans, visiting hours, surgery dates, and any other important information that needs to be known by everyone who enters the room. Patients won’t have to continuously repeat themselves or specify details that might not be readily known, and you can have multiple custom snap frames with individual inserts around the room for family members to write encouraging notes on, doctors to specify courses of action, and specialists to list important medications or treatments needed.

If you’re searching for custom snap frames for your hospital or medical offices, Simple Snap Frame has you covered. With multiple whiteboard insert and color options, you can easily choose exactly what you’re searching for to organize your hospital staff and keep them running smoothly and efficiently. Shop our website now for everything you need, and customize your snap frame and whiteboard inserts now!