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We make it simple!

Changing out your poster or insert shouldn’t be a difficult process. Simple Snap Frame makes it easy with our eco-friendly custom snap frames. Our durable, high-quality frames won’t break the moment you need to change out the insert, and our user-friendly design lets you exchange inserts in seconds.

Simply click the frame edges open and insert your poster or custom-made insert.
Each front-loading frame opens on all sides, making it a simple and fast process to change out your display. Should you need replacement inserts, our team will design a new custom insert for your business or send you one of our basic stock inserts.

Custom Snap Frame White Boards

Our custom snap frames are made from high-quality materials right here in the U.S. Perfect for posters, important notices, and hospital signage and charts, our frames can be custom-made in any size.

Simple Snap Frame believes that changing out charts and whiteboard inserts should be simple. Best of all, you won’t have to move our frames from the wall just to update information. Simply snap open the frame, remove the outdated chart, replace it with a new sheet, and snap close. It really is that easy!

Our snap frames are ideal for schools, hospitals, and businesses. You can choose one of our stock insert designs, or you can contact us to create a custom insert. One of the best features of our snap frames and inserts is that you can quickly change out the insert as needed.

If you need a plain whiteboard insert to write on, you can open the snapping arms, remove the previous insert, and then replace it with our whiteboard insert. This will eliminate the need to purchase multiple boards and frames, and you can keep your office, school, or hospitals walls uncluttered. If you need a different set of inserts, or you want a custom insert created, you can always reach out to our team and we’ll work with you to create what you need.