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About Us

At Simple Snap Frame, we’ve been designing, testing, and building all of our products in the U.S. since 1992. Specifically designed and optimized for hospitals and offices, our custom snap frames are the perfect way to display office signage, patient charts, and dry erase communication boards.

An Eco-Friendly Communication Board Solution

Though many of our competitors are based in the U.S., they don’t make their own frames. Instead, they import their frames from low-cost manufacturing countries with very relaxed environmental laws and regulations. The anodizing and powder-coating processes allowed by these countries dump many harmful chemicals in the environment, polluting the oceans and the atmosphere.

Simple Snap Frame uses an environmentally responsible manufacturing process, and we make all of our snap frames out of a minimum 30 percent recycled content.

Choose “Made in the U.S.A”

As an added bonus, our domestic manufacturing process guarantees you high quality at low costs. Our goal is to provide the best products at affordable prices, and provide them fast, making our snap frames the perfect choice for hospitals and offices across the country.

Explore all the custom options and innovative designs we have to offer here at Simple Snap Frame, and call today to get a fast custom quote!