Organizing Patient Info with Snap Frames

When working in a hospital with a number of patients, it can be difficult to keep track of every patient’s information, especially if their treatment varies from day to day. Not only does documenting inessential data waste an incredible amount of paper and resources, it also can cost your hospital an exorbitant amount of money annually. This is just one of the many reasons why hospitals around the world are choosing Simple Snap Frame for documenting their patients’ daily needs.

During this article, we will discuss how Simple Snap Frame can be used in your hospital to save you time and money while also being able to effectively monitor the wellbeing of your patients. Since 1992, Simple Snap Frame has designed, fabricated, and produced all of our high-quality products in the USA. Our attention to detail and oversight throughout the entire manufacturing process has allowed Simple Snap Frame to produce products that are built to last at an affordable price. To learn why our Simple Snap Frame products can increase the level of your hospital’s efficiency while improving the satisfaction of your patients, read more on the subject below.

Schedule Your Patient’s Daily Activities

Since our Simple Snap Frame allows users to place custom charts and graphs inside our frames, it is very easy for hospitals to create their own unique chart that can be placed in one of our frames and written over with an erasable marker. Using the Simple Snap Frame, nurses can easily document information such as the patient’s current diet, whether or not they have physical activity or therapy scheduled for the day, as well as which nurse is currently in charge of monitoring the patient’s health. These are all vital pieces of information that will contribute to your hospital running more smoothly, and will allow nurses and doctors to properly care for each patient with a greater level of detail.

Room Details

There are many patient details worth documenting that can help make your patients’ stay much easier. Providing your patients with information such as who their doctor is or what number they should call if they are experiencing anything unusual can help bridge the line of communication between caretakers and patients, which can contribute to your patient’s overall level of satisfaction. Most patients with extended stays in hospitals want to feel like they are being properly taken care of, which is why our Simple Snap Frame can provide patients with the assurance that they seek.

Placing our Simple Snap Frames in the rooms of your patients will make it easier than ever to take diligent notes on the current status of the patient’s health, level of pain, and specific details that are unique to their case. If you are considering using Simple Snap Frame in your hospital, contact our staff of experts today! We offer custom order quantities that make it easy to receive high-volume orders of our quality products. To receive your custom order quote, simply visit our website and fill out our quote request form today. We look forward to speaking with you!