Improve Your Quality of Care With Nursing Communication Boards

Patient whiteboards are often used in hospitals for maintaining accurate information regarding the patient’s care, prescribed medications, physical therapy exercises, and so much more. Not only are patient communication boards incredibly useful for involving the patient in their own treatment plan, they are also beneficial for nurses and hospital staff for maintaining the highest level of care possible. In today’s article, we will be talking about a few of the many ways that your nursing staff can use Simple Snap Frame’s nursing communication boards to their advantage.

As the leading supplier of custom snap frames, sign stands, patient room whiteboards, and so much more, Simple Snap Frame is committed to providing our customers with a long lasting product that is as functional as it is aesthetic. We know that no two businesses are alike, which is why we offer custom sizing options for all your snap frame needs. To learn why hospitals around the country use Simple Snap Frame to refine patient-nurse communication, continue reading more below.

An Open Line of Communication

Although our custom snap frames are effective for displaying a patient’s information, they often are more effective for putting the patient’s family members at ease. To no surprise, family members tend to want the best for their kin, which is why so many choose to be involved in monitoring the health of their relatives. By displaying important information for family members to view, you can do much to make them feel more comfortable while their relative receives treatment. By showing complete transparency while caring for the patient, you can quickly gain the confidence and trust of the patient’s family.

Improved Quality of Care

One of the main reasons that hospitals around the world place their trust in Simple Snap Frame is because our patient whiteboards make it much easier to uphold the golden standard of care. Nursing communication boards make it simple to keep track of a patient’s daily schedule, current levels of pain, the staff of nurses and doctors tending to the patient, and much more. By implementing a system that outlines the entire spectrum of patient care, your hospital can improve its attentiveness and accuracy to reduce the number of mistakes made by nurses while monitoring a number of patients at once.

Getting Family Members Involved

When someone is hospitalized, it is inevitable that their family members will ask nurses a variety of questions to better understand the current status of their relative. While some nurses may shy away from speaking with family members, it can be extremely beneficial to foster an open line of communication between the nursing staff and the patient’s family. Not only will our patient communication boards help nurses keep an accurate record of the patient’s care, they will also help nurses learn more about the patient while speaking with the patient’s family. Getting family members involved can answer several questions about the patient’s current condition, and will help nurses establish an accurate treatment plan by learning more about the patient.

If you would like to learn more about how our nursing communication boards can help your staff maintain the highest level of care possible, simply visit our online store today. We look forward to hearing from you!