Help Your Patients by Giving Them Peace of Mind

Getting sent to the hospital is a stressful time for many patients. There’s a lot of uncertainty in their minds the minute they walk through those doors. While your priority is giving them the treatment they need and the care they deserve, often times, you’ll find yourself working to soothe their anxiety. Here are a few ways you can help your patient handle their anxiety while providing the quality treatment they need.

Listen to Them

Many patients are nervous the minute they walk through the door and once they’re in the exam room, their nerves can skyrocket. The sights and sounds of the hospital are new and alarming for them. When you meet with them, listen to their concerns beyond how their condition is progressing. If your patient has been there for a while, remember to check in with them for a few minutes first. Ask them how they’re feeling and see if there’s anything you can do to help them feel more comfortable. Remember, they’re used to seeing new faces come in and out of the room all day, and many times, staff doesn’t have the time to talk to them. This simple and short period of interaction can go a long way towards boosting their spirits.

Get to Know Them

During long treatment procedures, it can be helpful to engage your patient in conversation. Ask them about their favorite sports teams, books they love, movies they’ve seen, and anything that might help get their minds off of the procedure. Not only will they feel like they’ve bonded with their care team, their attention will be focused on something other than the procedure, making it easier for you to complete it quickly.

Explain What You’re Doing

Treatments are a mystery to patients. Explaining what you’re doing at each step of the way can make a huge difference in soothing their nerves before and during the procedure. If they have questions, do your best to answer them in plain language. It may sound like common sense, but during the rush of treating multiple patients, it’s easy to forget to add a personal touch to the treatment.

Let Them Know Who’s Caring for Them

When your patient knows who their care team is, the people coming in and out of the room will stop registering as strangers. They’ll be able to build a relationship with their care team rather than feeling like a different person is interacting with them each time. At Simple Snap Frame, we make it simple for you to keep your patients updated on their care team each day. Our easy to use frame can be paired with our custom inserts and clear dry-erase insert to create a simple and informative chart for your patient. Our inserts allow you to keep your patients updated on their care team each day and makes it easy for your team to keep track of any allergies or dietary restrictions for the patient.

See how our Simple Snap Frame works and contact us today to discuss your facility’s needs. We’re here to help you make communication with your patients as simple as possible!